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Queens Art Intervention 2017

Lisandra De Fraga



Location:  Astoria Park

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Transnational Identity II, self-portrait taken at Welling Court Mural Project, Long Island City, NY, 2015

In a time of mass migration and rampant displacement, people aspire to create the meaning of home and a sense of belonging through objects and memories. Personal objects such as photographs become portable homes, and allow individuals to examine the concept of identity and their place in society. This participatory art intervention will consist of an assemblage piece filled with objects for instance, a life vest, emergency space thermal blanket, water bottle, backpack, photographs, flag, and other small items that are known to have crossed borders and comforted migrants alike through their journeys. I will include personal items brought with me when I migrated to the U.S, and focus questions to serve as tools for the participants to reflect upon their own migration/displacement experiences, in which they will have the opportunity to share either by writing, drawing, or voice recording. Here are the proposed focus questions: Do you have a migration and/or displacement story to share? Where did you migrate or were displaced from? What obstacles did you experience during the journey? Where do you call home now? What did you encounter once you arrived? What does home mean to you? What object(s) did you carry with you during your journey, and why?


Lisandra is a Brazilian-born multidisciplinary artist and criminology scholar, currently residing in Astoria, NY. She is interested in understanding the actor’s place within the social milieu through visual arts and qualitative research methods.

This program is funded by:

Councilmember Funding

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