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Falchi Underpass Art Exhibit

"The Underpass Art Exhibit is an interactive display designed to help reimagine the Falchi Buildings potential and demonstrate the many transformations an underpass in NYC undergoes. It was designed for the viewer to rethink the role he/she can play in shaping their physical space." Yvonne Shortt


Photographs by Carol Lacks &  Richard West


Yvonne Shortt

Richard West



Stephanie Peters

Rebecca + Clara



(tagged wall)

Cyrus Blackshear      Dimith

Girlie Gagucas           Sylvia

Tiffany Pierce            Chelsea

Yvonne Shortt           Juia

Stephanie Peters      Marco

Rebecca + Clara        Tiffany

Priscilla                      Dionyssius

Simon                         Greg

Amaris                        Zoe

Camille                       Christina

Devon                         Amir

Michelle                      Liam

Carol                            Justin

Grace                          Sharon

Carmen                      Kate

Lynn Lobell                Carolina

Reggie                         John

Riley                            Margaret


Transformation Schedule


Opening Night

Invite audience to use spray cans, stencils, & pens to create graffiti.


Week 2

Paint over portion of graffiti light gray


Week 3

Create new graffiti over light gray paint


Week 4

Create first mural


Week 5

Graffiti mural


Week 6

Install new photographic mural based on meetups held by the Rego Park Green Alliance




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