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Transformation Through Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality represents a powerful tool we can use to reimagine spaces, grow businesses and commercial corridors, and so much more.

Why I started working in VR?

One year ago I put on a virtual reality headset and was transformed into a world of dreams. I immediately saw the impact it could have on education, youth, families, and seniors. And. I wanted to start developing and share this experience with the world. Of course we had prior commitments so we had to wait until fall 2015 to start development with the toolset.  


Reimagining Spaces

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, People for the Pavilion, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, JCAl, and others have commissioned us to create pieces that engage audiences of any age. We love creating in virtual reality and would welcome the opportunity to work on a project that is about idea building, education, or reimaging spaces.

Art & Ideas Festivals:

Commissions include the Arts & Ideas feastival, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Councilmembers and others. We welcome working with nonprofits and others on ideas to inspre, engage, and build commercial corridors.


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