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3D Design & Printing Residency

In-school residencies run from 45 to 90 minutes. RPGA Studio teachers can bring a set of laptops or use the laptops the school has. We use a free CAD software called Sketchup, which is a software already installed on many computers in DOE schools.  

Residencies run 12-30 weeks. 

Imagine seeing a toy on the shelf for 50 dollars, then going home and designing and making your own. That's exactly what 3D printers can do; sustainably manufacture what someone designs.


You don't have to want to be an engineer or technologist to learn 3D tools. Instead, you can use technology to reach your end goal and this is what we love. A set designer can use these tools to design stages quicker and an artist can incorporate this model into his or her art, all while lowering their carbon footprint. 3D design and printing offers a sustainable and innovative approach to everything; it can be used for art, phyiscs, biology... You name it!  


We have been teaching 3D design and printing all over Queens to adults and children through a joint partnership with the Queens Public Library. We also teach at local public schools. 

Do We Need 3D Printers?

No, there are print-on-demand services that are fantastic.

Do We Need Laptops?

No, we can bring up to 10 laptops to a school or after school program.

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