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Installation: Mobile Tiny House Tea & Zen Garden


We are so happy to have finished our Mobile Tiny House.  Our first installation consists of  a tea and Zen garden [2 months].  During this installation we are inviting women from the community for tea and conversation around living in NYC.  We are calling this installation the Feminine Dwelling Model.

1. Because of our teas we have had the chance to help others and be helped.  Here is one example of a piece of work that has come out of our teas.  It is a piece for women suffering from abuse quietly.  This video is being send to women who we believe are being abused in some way.  It is based on words we have often heard in response to our cries.

2. We are happy to report that we are also creating a collection of stories based on the conversations over tea. These stories include photography and writing; The written stories are based on questions asked of others mainly over tea in the community tiny house located in the yard of RPGA's  studio.

The first book in the series is now ready and will be available for free at the Queens Museum of Art during our show from December 16th-January 19th. Below is a 2 minute excerpt from the stories.

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