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The spaces revitalized here came about as a direct result of asking questions.  In each case the questions and narrative are different.

Revitalized Outdoor Space Projects

While walking by a school in my community I noticed a space closed to over 800 kids and the community. This community had no real parks. Question: How can it be that this space so close to a school and in the hub of a community with no green space is closed to that  community?

This project revitalized a 4,000 square foot property was closed to the community for 6 years, brought in $100,000 of investment dollars into that public space, involved 1200 community members, & sat behind a public elementary school with 900 students.

Everyday I walked my kids to school underneath this underpass. After two weeks i saw a rat. Two more weeks later I saw the three tires were now 6 tires and the one post con was 4. I could not believe that this space was allowed to have cracked sidewalks, smell like crap, and used by the community,

Question: Why in hell did we have to live like this?"


This wall project took 8 years, affected over 5,000 people, and brought $80,000 of investment dollars into the community. It was a collaboration with three schools, 200 community members, and many city officials.

Question: How can we get a space revitalized when no one seems to give a crap?

This project brought the students about community volunteering and social impact. It was also the start of another project that would revitalize 4000 square feet of underutilized space.

The side entrance of my daughters school was raunchy.  It smelled of nasty food and it was the main entrance to the school.  It had graffiti and looked dreary


Question: How could i turn this dingy entrance into something that would make the community smile?

This project brought a garden to a public elementary school with 1,000 students in a neighborhood with no parks and 8,000 people. It also brought in $30,000 of investment dollars and healthier eating habits.

The Schoolyard was so badly in need of repair that the elementary school kids couldn't go out for days after it rained.  We needed our council member to put up over 250,000 for repairs. hen asked by the mayor to do a mural for a major PSA that would air on television I chose this school.  Knowing that we could use this video to support change in a larger contact.

Question: What place could we put a mural that could serve as a calling card to our community and council member and yield 250,000 for a new schoolyard?

This project brought the community $30,000 of investment dollars, helped get a school community to take action, and resulted in a powerful volunteer PSA shown on major NYC TV Nnetworks that demonstrated the power of volunteering to over 1 million people on theeast coast.


After revitalizing 700 square feet of space in the community I wanted to create a piece of artwork with several students around the new garden.

This project celebrated the actions of 20 community members coming together to revitalize a space that had become a dumping ground. Today that space has a beautiful sustainabe garden that is kept up by the community.

Actional Questions/Act

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