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Transportation Safety


RPGA Studio is focused on changing behaviors of walkers, bicyclists, and drivers through our Pedestrian Peguin initiative.

  1. We've done Interventions using music on the the streets of NYC along Queens BLVD to make people more aware of their actions.

  2. We created Pedestrian Penguin kiosks and staffed them with people to log complaints along dangerous corridors directly to the DOT

  3. We created Stat Girl, a super hero born in Queens, to give people the stats on some of our most dangerous streets.

  4. We created a Pedestrian Penguin card game to change behaviors of kids and adults through repition and fun

  5. We created residencies in schools and at nonprofits around the country to introduce transporttion safety. 

Our Pedestrian Penguin card games and kiosks are two innovative ways RPGA Studio is changing behaviors of walkers, bicyclists, and drivers.

Upper picture: fun card game for kids and adults to learn about transportation safety.

Right picture: Pedestrian Penguin kioss outfitted with a laptop to log dangerous streets to the DOT in NYC

Our singing Interventions are ways to directly enagage people and change their behaviors.

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