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Reimagining the NYS Pavilion

When People For the Pavilion and the National Trust for Historic Preservation asked RPGA Studio to help get the community excited about the NYS Pavilion RPGA had several big Ideas.


1. Use technology to help the community reimagine the NYS Pavilion. More specifically, use Virtual Reality, a new technology, to help the community reimagine the potential for a piece of our history.

2.Democratize designing by having RPGA designers work with the community, putting their designs in CAD software and online.

RPGA Studio then spent two months using CAD to design a 3d model of the Tent of Tomorrow, CAD designs and objects for working with the community, Sterioscope reimagined illustrations, virtuality reality collaborative building specs, and a virtual reality piece.


Then, we went out into the community and reimagined the possibilities with them.

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