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3D Design & Printing Program

The 3D Design and Printing program is comprised of 3 components: in-school residencies, a competitive challenge season, and teacher training. Residencies involve RPGA Studio traveling to schools and after school programs where we teach 12-30 weeks of CAD design and 3D fabrication to students ages 8-14. Students learn CAD software to design their ideas and use printers to see those ideas turn into real-world objects.



To increase impact, RPGA Studio also works directly with teachers in elementary or middle schools to create a curriculum that can be used during the school day. In 2016, RPGA trained over 25 teachers, impacting over 2000 students who learned CAD design as part of their in-school instruction in classes such as ELA, math, and technology. 

For maximum impact, RPGA Studio created a Creative Challenge in 3D Design and Printing, also known as CC3DP. This is a 12-20 week challenge composed of several components: challenge registration, kickoff, training, design season, and the culminating event.


Some of the communities in which we work:  

  • LIC

  • Elmhurst

  • Ozone Park

  • Rockaways

  • Rego Park

  • Forest Hills

  • Woodhaven

  • Cambria Heights

  • College Point

  • Cambria Heights

  • LeFrak City

  • Jamaica

  • Flushing

  • Staten Island

  • Manhattan

  • Brooklyn

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