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GO29! A community initiative that highlighted the small businesses, non-profits, artists, and volunteers that help city council district 29 thrive!
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The Go29! Initiative took a multi-prong approach to revitalizing District 29's commercial district.

1. A 76 page community art magazine that highlighted the small businesses, volunteers, nonprofits, and makers that help district 29's commercial corridors thrive. Plus eatery reviews and maker features.

2. A launch party to kickoff the magazine and Go29 initiative as well as introduce businesses to nonprofits, residents, and elected officials

3. Purchased over 30 gift cards at local stores in the community, gave them to residents, and had the residents write reviews. This helped develop a sense of partnership between residents and small businesses and new business at several eateries.

4. A Facebook page to celebrate the community plus positive highlight reviews. The average hit for positive reviews was 1,000. In addition, several other community Facebook pages launched around the same time helping buid the local economy of District 29.

5. Publicity online, in print, and on television around the initiative and the community.

6. Collaborative builds in the community along commercial corridors to bring people out and determine who would receive the gift cards.

7. An opportunity for small businesses and residents to see virtual reality technology and imagine the possibilities from a commercial and educational perspective.

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