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Women Who Build- Artists Who Own

Project Summary:

This project started with a question

"Ladies, who wants to learn together how to use a miter saw?"

Yvonne Shortt wanted to increase her skills in her studio and in her own life using power tools.  However, when Yvonne looked for courses many of them started around $800.00. Also, one didn't own the tools used for the class.  So Yvonne decided to spend her money on a  - miter saw- and ask people to come and learn together.

From her initial question 10 women showed up the first month.  By the 4th month there were 150 women and this question turned into a project.

The focus became learning to use the tools, growing other skills like leadership and fundraising, and empowering each other. The team was also creating a new model. One that valued leaning together outside of a traditional school setting by people donating time in their area of expertise. 


Then, the idea came to have a culminating project that allowed the women to use what they learned.  Committees grew organically: Sourcing, skill development, fundraising, community outreach, and research.

Ultimately a tiny house community incubator was born.  The house as of August 21st 2017 is almost complete.  The inside will not house a bedroom or kitchen; instead it will be a mobil unit that will morph into projects to grow the community every couple of months.


 In Spring 2018 it is our hope to have it serve as a design studio to help women learn to use design software and tools.


The studio is also in the process of putting our tools online so women can borrow them free of charge.

In the field

In the field

Miter Saw Skill Building

Miter Saw - Skill Building

Cutting- Skill Building Workshop


Measuring Wood -Skill Building Workshop

Samira Rahimi - DSC01445

Measuring Wood

Meetup faces

3rd General Meeting

How to get involved

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