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School Fence Project

What Is the School Fence Project?

In many communities, a black rod iron fence separates the public school from the rest of the community. In some cases, students are even bused into the school, so the outside of the school is some other community and not theirs. The School Fence Project aims to get students and those in the community to come together, educate students about their role in their community, empower students, and build their confidence through action, education, and community connectedness. 





Program Details:


1. Worked with students one day a week for ten weeks to design sculptures. 


2.Discussed the idea of the school community and

the community outside of the school, public art, and the students' role in using art as a tool to build connectedness and empower themselves. 


3. Students used pencil and paper to create designs with the artists. 


4. Students used Adobe Illustrator to convert some detailed designs into vectors.


5.Worked with the community to fabricate the designs the students created to wood and aluminum.


6. The students and the community members painted the designs and installed them on the outside of the fence together.

7. Community Art Opening for the community and the school.

8. One of the classes which RPGA Studio worked with will specifically be geared towards special education students and parents.

Photo Feb 14, 10 16 55 AM
PS 99 Mockup detail
fabrication file
Juan Franco
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