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Queens Art Intervention 2017

Domenica Garcia

Corazón Entristecido

Jackson Heights

Location: Travers Park

>> map

First set: 1pm   Second set: 3pm

Corazón Entristecido is a performance art piece that exposes an attitude of indifference towards violence in my two homes: Latin America and the United States. The piece juxtaposes elements from both cultures (using iconic props like: Café Bustelo, Maria cookies and the New York Times) creating a parallel between both cultures and ultimately comparing this vast disappointment with a heartbreak.


Domenica Garcia is a mixed media artist from Ecuador, who is currently based in New York. Her work dives into a process of introspection, decomposing the personal and discovering the universal. With the use of an hyperbolic language and the juxtaposition of the radical and the ordinary, she gives greater relevance to the day-to day experience.

This program is funded by:

Councilmember Funding

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