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Queens Art Intervention 2017

Carla Lobmier

Grace in Dwelling

Jackson Heights

Location: Travers Park

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Grace in Dwelling begins as a photographic project, as well as a collected journal of thoughts. My community is Jackson Heights, Queens, where I have lived and made my work since 2000. While I am a painter, I am interested in studying my neighborhood and how those who live here define home and, in particular, a happy home. Grace In Dwelling will invite people to come to Travers Park, Jackson Heights to be photographed. Participants will be asked to write a few lines about what they most appreciate about their lives in Jackson Heights, or the neighborhood where they live should people wander in from other places. After collecting photographs paired with these journal notes, I will take all the data back to my studio and make a text scroll or suite of text scrolls based on the responses collected at Travers Park. My work, along side the photographic documentation and journal of collected thoughts, will be my contribution to the Queens Museum exhibition of the collaborators for this project. Additonally, I am interested in producing  a printed poster/scroll of text excerpts from the collection. Such a printed piece could be posted in public spaces/bulletin boards in Jackson Heights, so that Grace in Dwelling might reach a larger audience. In this way, people might continue to engage in conversation about the content and the concept of "happy home." I would also like to see the Queens Museum exhibition seperated into units to return to neighborhood venues for extended community reach. 


Carla Lobmier received BFA degrees (Painting, Art History) from Eastern Illinois University and her MFA (Painting  & Drawing) from the University of Illinois.  In 1999, she was nominated for and awarded an APEX ART C.P. Studio Program residency, NYC and moved to NYC where she has remained. She has lived and worked in Jackson Heights since 2000.

Her paintings, drawings and collages have been exhibited nationally and internationally and are in the permanent collections of Tarble Arts Center, William Rainey Harper College, Sheldon Swope Museum, Lund and Company Inventions and Whirlpool Corporation and the 25th Congressional District, NYC. Recent watercolor exhibitions include Love Letter (to Light), Memphis, TN, Dirt, rock and far views, Langston Hughes Library & Cultural Center, NYC and Not so fast, Resobox Gallery, NYC. Site-specific watercolor installations for two locations at New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch, were on exhibition from January to May 2016.
The NYPL projects titled Scrolling Confluence and Scrolling Confluence: Supernova were deeply influenced by her love of the study of art history and how such study could weave into her own painting. In additon to watercolor paintings and large-scale watercolors in a scroll format, she continues to work with acrylic on canvas or panel. Since 1984, text has often been a formal element in her work and always always, there is a search for the provocative title. 

This program is funded by:

Councilmember Funding

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