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Queens Art Intervention 2016

QAI 2016 focuses on changing behaviors around garbage collaborating with 5 people / organizations.

Hoops On Trash Cans

by RPGA Studio

What if every NYC trash can had a hoop to make throwing away garbage fun? Come, shoot some hoops and win a prize.

Road to Realization

by Michelle Gavin/ Lisa Antonelli (Flushing Earth Citizens)

“Road to Realization" Installation engages the public in their everyday action - walking on the sidewalk - and provides an experience that allows them to consider their habits and/or those of their fellow pedestrians. 

Wish Tree for a Brighter Community

by Amy Long (Earth Citizens Club)

The “Wish Tree for a Brighter Community” will be an art installation where members of the public can gather and share their dreams of how they want to see their community improve through reimagining the use of trash and street trees.  When the “wishes” are written and hanging, people can be inspired by the visions of those who came before them and open a wider dialogue about what the community needs.

Vote Your Butt

by RPGA Studio

An ashtray installation to help adults throw out their butts instead of littering. You can also pick up a template to submit your design and win $250. Free portable ashtray are available here.

GumHearts No Sew Bag Making

by Niizeki Hiromi

We will have to pay 5¢ for each shopping bag (paper or plastic) at supermarkets starting on October 1, 2016. This is not a deposit, nor is it a refund like with bottles. This presents a great opportunity to think about what type of shopping bags we use. Less trash / land fill is better. Can we carry stuff using a reusable bag? Go through your closet, find an old t-shirt, and make a bag. Collaborate with GumHearts by Niizeki Hiromi. Participants will take home usable art to use in their everyday life.

Peek-a-boo Sculpture Installation

by Rica Takashima

Every store with a fun peek-a-boo sculpture installation in front is giving away free reusable shopping bags. Grab your free shopping bag, and interact with the installations.

Dumped: Stories of hope and sorrow by Mother Earth/Queen of Trash

by Deborah Wasserman

A performance / installation that engages the public and examines the cause and effect of littering told from the point of view of Mother Earth reincarnated into a Queen of Trash. It creates a narrative of nurturing, caring and giving versus a belief system based on greed, self interest and lacking concern for the future of human kind.

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Virtual Reality Experience "Where Does Garbage Go?"

by RPGA Studio

Experience the life of garbage through our new VR program "Where Does Garbage Go?"

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This program is funded by:

Councilmember Funding

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