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Queens Art Intervention 2015 Highlights


"I wanted to create art to inspire and educate people but I thought I would also love to have other artists educate people around issues of importance to them.  I created Queens Art Intervention as a way for me to be creative and also as a framework for other artists."

-Yvonne Shortt


Here are some hightlights from Queens Art Intervention 2015! More projects, images, footages to come.

Click images to see more of the projects.

by Niizeki Hiromi

Feel free to take a rest using pillows, that have been casted into pillow cases with pulped discarded paper from the artist's everyday life.

Location: Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City

No Longer Your Chica
by Deborah Wasserman

Dressed in disguise, the artist will be distributing her own version of the banned Chica Cards.


Location: Roosevelt Ave. btw 73rd and 75th St, Jackson Heights

A Living Museum 
by Katherine Toukhy, Floor Grootenhuis

Make and exhibit an imprint of an object that says something about you and your life story.


Location: 37th ave btw 78th & 79th st, Jackson Heights

Green Sanctuary
by Seleny-Jimena

Come seek refuge in an architectural object incorporating nature into the urban landscape.


Location: Intersection of 83rd St. and Baxter Ave, Jackson Heights

Wear is Love 
by Priscilla Stadler

Participants are invited to put cloth over unloved or injured parts of their body. Artists and participants will focus on sending positive messages to them.

Location: Queens Blvd. near Goldsmith St. Elmhurst

Mobile Meditation of the Queens Jazz Trail
by Suran Song

Climb into Mobile Meditation Trucks to listen to jazz greats and watch portrait interpretations of their work through kaleidoscopic music video mandalas.

Location: 92-14 63rd Dr. Rego Park

Farmland Pop-up
by RPGA Studio

Come look at a farmland installation inspired by mine craft and made with custom 3D printed Legos. While you are there get inspired and create your own mine craft characters.

Location: Queens Library, 91-41 63rd Dr. Rego Park

A Community that Plays Together
Stays Together
by RPGA Studio

Community day to play Pedestrian Penguin, a card game that teaches kids about transportation safety.


Location: Kew Gardens

Behavior 101
by RPGA Studio

In this series of aluminum signs people are warned that we all must take care of our community.


Location: Rego Park, LIC, Elmhurst, Corona, Jackson Heights

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