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"I wanted to create art to inspire and educate people but I thought I would also love to have other artists educate people around issues of importance to them.  I created Queens Art Intervention as a way for me to be creative and also as a framework for other artists." -Yvonne Shortt


Queens Art Intervention is about art that exists outside of the art world in outdoor spaces around Queens. It is a day of Art Interventions made up of change makers in NYC, and is work created with an intention external to the self. The intention could be to brighten someone’s day, share information about a particular issue, or perhaps bring a group of people together. Only when we work together can we make something big. The parts come together and make a magnificent whole.


On September 27, 2014 we piloted QAI in 12 communities, with over 30 artists, and engaged over 3,000 people. 


On September 19th & 20th, QAI 2015 took place in over 13 communities in Queens, NY in collaboration with 30 artists.


See the highlights from QAI 2015 here!

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