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About the Teams

Design Team

The Design team is responsible for the design of the tiny studio/house. They are creating the 3D models, construction documents, and material lists for the tiny studio/house. They are researching materials and deciding what types of materials and fixtures we will use.

For more info read the team introduction

Fundrasing Team

The Fundraising Team is responsible for strategizing effective ways to raise money to pay for the costs associated with the project. For more info read the team introduction

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is responsible for getting media exposure, support fundraising team and sourcing team. For more info read the team introduction

Research Team

The research team is responsible for researching rules and regulations about Tiny House building, both for Tiny Houses on wheels and on foundations. The group is also responsible for conducting research on innovative ways individuals / groups / organizations in different countries are using to deal with high real estate prices and unaffordable rent prices for housing and studio spaces, and to build a network of relationships with such individuals / groups / organizations.

Skill Building Class

Skill Building Team

The Skill-Building group’s main goal is to teach skills that will be necessary in the production of the tiny house build to the participants. If the group does not possess some of the skills required, it is the group’s responsibility to either learn those skills or find someone who can teach those skills to the participants. The members are also responsible for managing the monthly skill-building meetings. For more info read the team introduction

Sourcing Team

The sourcing team is responsible for finding vendor quotes and organizing that information in order to create an informed price range for materials needed in the tiny house project. For more info read the team introduction

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