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Pedestrian Penguin Stroll-A-Thon

From September 1, 2015 to  October 24th we held a stroll a thon to learn about the transportation safety issues in our community from residents, discuss ways to resolve some of the issues, and raise money for the work we wanted to do around transportation safety


We were honored to have professionals and students from Queens College sing, dance, and conduct their hearts out to bring awareness to the initiative. We raised over $37,000 for the initiative including a board contribution of over $10,000.


The money went  toward

1. School residencies and community days using our card game and kiosks to bring awareness to transportation safety and change behaviors. 

2. More interventions in Queens, NY around transportation safety

3. A virtual reality interaction to promote transportation safety

4. Additional conversations around using creative placemaking to change behaviors 

5. Advocacy for daylighting, community board advocacy, & publicity around unsafe street

6. Blocks for Pedestrian Penguin Kiosks

7. Additional printing of Pedstrian Penguin Cards and transportation safety advocacy info to the public

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