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Social Impact Residecies


"I love to see kids not only learning but sharing what they learned with their community."


Teaching kids using cross curriculum material is incredibly important. However, just as important is what the student can give back to their family, friends, and community.


Our residencies can go from 2-100 hrs, stretching from a workshop to a year long program. Our residencies can also be designed for during the day or after the school day. At the core of our programming is teaching the kids and having them give back to the community.


Our 3D design and printing residency teaches design and fabrication, but also has a challenge where students share what they learned with the community. Our wall equity program is about creating a mural and building a community; from finding a space that needs revitalizing to creating the material to get the community to help. Our social impact residencies teach and make sure each student understands through action they must give back.

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