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RPGA Studio is a Social Practice non-profit, founded by Yvonne Shortt, that uses art + design + technology + education + activism to address community issues. Communities we focus on include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. The methodology is question-based, and the approach is personal—much of the work starts in a little house in the community where Ms. Shortt raised her children. Many of the projects happen because of someone in the community bringing a problem to the studio and asking for help. Diversity in nationality, income, race, sex, and ability are vital to the success of the organization. 

Artist Frameworks

Yvonne Shortt and RPGA Studio have developed frameworks for artists to address the scarcity mindset, be empowered, and come together to present art.

Scarcity mindset - rooted in the othering of self and judgemental comparison to the other. The need for exclusivity over sharing; belief in limits over surplus. Instead of looking inward one looks outward for nourishment. This looking outward may lead to involvement in non-horizontal networks and abusive systems, the belief that change isn't possible, and the movement toward acceptance of destructive ideologies. The ego may also start to drive decision making in disruptive ways including the belief one must get to the top and the disconnection from relational and nurturing infrastructures.

Artist as collector collections logo03.png

Institutions and collectors have long acted as gatekeepers of art history, culture, and value. Within the Artist as Collector framework, artists are part of the process of deciding what art is remembered. Through a stewardship module formed by a small group, the artist selects the art and becomes its steward. Focused on mutual generosity, this model acknowledges the artist as an art historian, collector, and innovator.

Download the Artist as Collector Framework, here.

Artist Open Call Framework

Through the Artist Open Call, artists self-select to participate in opportunities, rejecting the traditional selection process as hierarchical and driven by a scarcity mindset. Artists meet weekly to build trust and connections through Zoom or in-person conversations. This preparatory exploration then impacts the creative process on-site.

It has been prototyped at A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY and Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT.

Download the Artist Open Call Framework here.

Dance & Social Issues

Investigating Domestic Abuse with Yvonne through workshops, Chieh and Rosie explore desire, control, and toxicity.

Algorithm Bias

This video was first seen at a private university where a person of color had been reduced to a silhouette by a camera algorithm. After seeing the video the university made the decision to purchase a new algorithm. Eventually, the video went on to be seen in Times Sq.

New Mural on 63rd Drive
Love Yourself and Others

Love Yourself and Others is a mural project to say what we want in our community. It is designed by Yvonne Shortt and the students at PS 206.

This program is made possible by an Innovation Grant awarded by the NYC Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes. For more information, visit


Funding provided by departments of cultural affairs immigrant initiative  funded through NYC Councilmember Lynn Schulman

A Net of Resilience

Resilience comes from connections with others. We all trap ourselves in a net of our own fear and shame sometimes. But a safety net we make together with a group of supportive people helps us survive and thrive.

In this collaborative art workshop, we created a net using rope with dancers and community members, had discussions around resilience, and created dance pieces.


Juniper Valley Park

Saturday, May 14th 11am-1pm, 2-4pm

Sunday, May 15th 11am-1pm, 2-4pm

Funding for this program provided  through the Mayors Office initiative to end Domestic Violence awarded through Council member Holden and administered through Safe Horizon.