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Pedestrian Penguin Initiative

Aesthetic Intervention

"Stop in the Name of Love was a whisper in my ear for years and finally it revealed itself as a powerful tool to bring awareness to our actions." Yvonne Shortt

Artistic Interventions

To bring awareness to transportation safety, the entire community must be involved, from our creatives to our seniors. RPGA Studio, Inc. is working with performance artists, dancers, and musicians, and all the community members to make it happen.


This fall we organized a Transportation Stroll-a-thon and have created several interventions on Queens Blvd in Queens, NY, which were designed to promote awareness and change behaviors for walkers, bicyclists, and drivers. This is only the beginning of our initiative, we have more upcoming initiatives such as Virtual Reality, Pause Pods, and pop up performances that promote commercial corridor revitalization and safer transportation behavior choices.


You can help reduce injuries and save lives by donating a little time and expertise! 

Sign up here and we will contact you shortly to tell you how you can make a difference.

If you want to talk to a human, call us at 347.201.2186.

For more information,
please visit Pedestrian Penguin Initiative website:
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