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Pedestrian Penguin Initiative

Pedestrian Penguin Card Game

As a part of phase one, RPGA Studio designed a card game with the support and feedback of the community.  Community members contributed to the game by discussing potentially dangerous traffic situations and approaches one could take to avoid injuries. In developing the game RPGA Studio talked with over 300 people from after schools, community groups, and in online forums.

After designing the game we went to several schools and after schools in the community to test it, refine it, and make it better.


The card game represents a fun and repetitive way of keeping transportation safety in the forefront of people’s minds. Small steps equal big change with this game in the arena of transportation safety.

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Pedestrian Penguin is a transportation safety initiative to reduce injuries and save lives through education and awareness.  To affect the most people RPGA Studio is taking a multi prong approach.  Using art  to build partnerships, reach across communities, and increase the impact of the transportation safety message. 

Residencies, Toolkits, & Workshops

To keep transportation front and center RPGA Studio is also conducting residencies and workshops in schools and in the community. We are combining improvisation, body movement, music, our card game, and illustration work into a 4 week residency designed to be a fun learning experience that puts transportation safety front and center.



4 Weekes working with a 3rd-5th grade class.  Students learn to play the game and have fun. Students also create their own scenarios to add to the game.  Then, after the fourth week, students take the game home.  They have to play it for 2 hrs over two weeks.  If 70 percent of the students play the game and return the contract they get a pizza party.  Then, the next class gets the game and the learnng and fun begins again



1 Class

4 weeks

2-3 Teacher 

30 Card Games

1 Ice Cream Part if contracts returned


Then the kids in the first class teach the kids in the second class untill all of the kids in the grade have done it!


Card Game, Residencies, Toolkit & Workshops



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