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In order to make any artistic and educational endeavor successful you need people who can lend a hand. Liaisons are willing to go through their network and find individuals who they think would make excellent participants in QAI day. They are willing to propose ideas to artists and communities and help organizations follow though with ideas. They are vital to making our intervention day a day of creativity and intention.



Liasons To Date

Carol Lacks: Artist & Community Activist

Clarisa  James : Divas for Social Justice

Yvonne Shortt: Rego Park Green Alliance

Priscilla P Stadler: Artist

Michelle S Aragon: Artist

Tessa Kennedy: Artist

Heather M. Butts: Health For Youths

Karyn Slutsky: Queens Paideia School

Christian NA: Woodside on the Mpve


Do you want to be a Liasion?

We are looking for people/organizations to help spread the word. This may involve

Sending a note to your contacts, helping us brainstorm ideas and groups to contact about doing an intervention, or just lending your expertise on some issues.

These individuals are called liaisons. They are helping us make this program a success. 





For any additional Questions please contact Yvonne at 347.201.2186


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