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  1. Guiding principles

  2. Determining Work Groups

  3. What we need from you (by Friday, November 18th)

  4. What we expect you to do

  5. Next meet-up date

1. Guiding principles


  • Treat everyone with humility and grace

  • Empower women and girls

  • Outsource and purchase materials from women-owned businesses when possible

  • Take a sustainable approac to design and fabrication

  • Work with small, local businesses when possible

  • This is primarily a women-build site (we understand this might not be the case 100% of the time)


2. Determining work groups


  • Fundraising -  Help raise the additional funding for the project.

  • Marketing - Responsible for letting the public know what we're doing.

  • Sourcing Expertise and Materials-  Responsible for finding experts such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, as well as all of the physical materials we need after finishing the design.

  • Design -  Create construction documents for the tiny house design, figure out the materials needed, build specs documents. (To be in this group you must have these skills)

  • Project Management - Responsible for touching base with all of the working groups to make sure we stay in our timeline and mitigate risks.

  • Volunteer Coordination -  Bringing in additional volunteers include contacting nonprofit organizations, schools, etc. to schedule build participation.

  • Documenting - Document the meetings by taking videos/photographs of the process.

  • Skill Building - Responsible for creating different skill-building exercises for the entire team to build their skills.

  • Research - Research communities, housing costs, average salary info, and creative solutions around creative space, home ownership, and rent.

3. What we need from you 


  1. Let us know which work group in which you want to participate

  2. Write a brief bio (3 - 5 sentences)

  3. List skills you have

4. What we expect you to do


  1. Attend monthly meeting

  2. Commit/participate 2 - 3 times a month in your working group (meeting, skype/phone discussion, etc., totaling 6 hours a month)

  3. Please think of two women you think would benefit from this project and forward this PDF to them to see if we can bring on more women. Have a conversation with them and ask if they'd like to join the next meet-up.

Next meet-up

Saturday, December 10th, 10am

At RPGA Studio 43-01 22nd Street, Suite 252 LIC, NY 11101

How to get involved

To be alerted of a meetup date go here additional


Questions call 

RPGA Studio


Women Who Build: Artists Who Own

Meet-up 1 Summary & New Members to Do

*in an effort to document the project, Yvonne Shortt recounted what happened during this first meet-up

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