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Opportunity Notice Board

Organizer: The River Fund - Food Pantry


Art Intervention: The  food pantry  wants to create a 4"x6" card with original artwork on one side and an inspiring message on the other to give to their clients


Wanted: Artist/creatives to design an orginal artwork (any medium) on a 4"x 6" postcard and write an inspiring message on the back



Organizer: Artist Collective


Art Intervention: To use data and transform it to visual graphics draw attention to just how dangerous the Queens Boulevard is while reminding those who travel on it to be careful.


Wanted: Artist/Designers



Organizer: Rego Park Green Alliance


Art Intervention: On and leading up to the 20th of September 2014, Rego Park Green Alliance will be facilitating many art interventions around Queens


Wanted: Volunteers, artists, creators, community members, students, teachers who want to be involoved in Queens Art Intervention

To get involved in any of our opportunities please register your interest bellow


Opportunities to assist in a QAI Project

Many of the Queens Art Intervention projects will need help. Some of the projects may need artist to create and others might need volunteers to help run the project. Below is a list of current projects looking for assistance. Check back regularly as we will continue to post new opportunities


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