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Front Lawn

Artists and activist Yvonne Shortt,  is using her front lawn to discuss transportation safety. The current project is DOODLE FOR LIFE. It is an effort to address transportation safety.

Update: Many of you know about the press this project received because some in the community were upset by how the their property value would be impacted.  


We received a notice from DOB that we would be fined because of a complaint filed by our community board 6.  The fine would be upward of $10,000.


Luckily we did not have to pay this fine but our sign did come down.  However, many people were made aware of the transportation safety issues on Alderton Street.

We continue to advocate. Stay Tuned!

The Issue

The project focused on Alderton Street in Rego Park.  The Street allows cars to go east and west and park on both sides. Because it is narrow, cars have scraped each other going in oppose 

directions.  Because it's boundaries are two major boulevards cars go incredible fast causing car accidents and  dogs/ individuals to be injured.  

The Process

First we put out a call asking people to send us their doodles to promote a safer street.  Many responded. Then we created an art installation on our lawn.  Many have stopped not only to admire it but to discuss what they can do to advocate for safer streets for all.


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