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Queens Art Intervention 2017

Christine Lee Tyler


Long Island City 

Location: Jackson Avenue and 23rd Street >> map

This project involves symbolism that pertains to homelessness. The composition is to be printed onto a large blanket. The blanket will be laying on the ground and open to people interacting with it whether it be laying underneath it, on top of it, walking on it, etc. I want the artwork to parallel a person without shelter by making the piece as vulnerable and exposed.


The iconography on the blanket is taken from imagery that was used to communicate amongst the "hobos" during the Great Depression, photos/silhouettes of current homeless people and graffiti pertaining to the homeless. 


According to research done on the homeless, a blanket is an object that is equally important as food and water for survival on the streets. It blocks out the cold, the light, it makes one feel secure and it cushions a hard surface such as cement. 


Christine Lee Tyler uses various iconography, symbols and patterns to create a composition that has a loose-based narrative that may be reduced to presumption. The intent is to allow the viewer to create their own dialogue in all of these works. Christine purposely uses haunting and vague human-like forms that can be perceived as spiritual and/or emotional. Throughout this series, she utilizes ancient and modern imagery that is derived from places she has visited in China, Europe and her home, the United States.


Christine is engaged in the mystical aspects of humankind. Her work combines historical and globalized pictorials, markings and iconography. She uses various media and patterns that contain recognized symbolism, cultural reference and represent disparate time periods to create an identifiable semiotic.


Christine holds an interest in exploring the history of human identity through visuals and symbols. She researches images that can be identified with a certain territory, religion, class, family relation and/or political party. Conjointly she works with iconography that has no affiliations or obscurity and can be related to any given group. She creates a sense a visual exploration of the unknown by working with such imagery and bridging the ancient to the modern.

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